We help consumer businesses build and retain
2x more loyal customers ... profitably.

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For marketing managers of consumer companies with over $25M in revenues: Build & retain loyal customers … profitably.

If you are trying to automate your brand experience and move promotions and loyalty marketing efforts to online, social media & ecommerce channels successfully then we offer the following benefits for your company.

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Our Story

Motti Mobile (est. in 2017) as the first IoT for Retail company in the country delivering digital micro- moments on mobile devices. After working on 100+ pilots we consistently the same root problem that led brands to lose masive sales … they were not developing customer retention effectively. This led to brand loyalty dramatically dropping as consumer preference shifted from their brands to new competitors’.

After reseraching the industry trends & consumption drivers from 7 countries we decided to reimagine our offer to focus on helping consumer businesses build and retain more loyal customers by using the most efficient technologies to boost consumer bonds, not weaken them.

The result … was better than we imagined and new clients & partners started asking how we could make our method work for them as well.

Since then we’ve made it our misión to provide brands & businesses who want to retain more customers with a loyalty solution they can use to sell more by creating data driven promotional campaigns on digital channels with a profitable ROI business case.


We're a small team of passionate & high performers


HQs in Mexico & offices in Spain


30 projects delivered in only 3 years


3M engagements to 350k unique users

We provide consumer companies who want to retain more customers with a loyalty sollution they can use to sell more digitally

Your business before

Your business with triangle with all three sides equal

Solution Features

We call it Link Loyalty Wallet, it’s a SAAS & API solution that automates the creation, management and operation of loyalty programs and promotional campaigns. Our software is conveniently modular and can integrate with Websites, Apps, Wallet, Kiosk or Social Media outlets.

Smarter Customer Engement

Access ecommerce & online channels through Web, App, Wallet or Kiosk integration that makes earn & burn easy

Become a Digital Experience

Contactless wallet powered by Bluetooth, NFC & AR that delivers easy and intutive experiences that become habits

Reduce Invested Time

Rule based points logic, program levels, points management, member CRM, Benefits HUB & more ready for you to deploy

Grow Customer Retention

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Secure Positive ROI

Budget simulator module calculates the expected ROI of a campaign before and after launching supporting a positive return on the program

Buil Strong PArtnerhsips

Joint our network of partners and Access a coalition of brands and retailers that exchange and accept your points

Software Features

A next-generation software created for your business needs.

Define & create program

Define & create program

Set points, levels, rules and actions that reward the behavior you expect your consumers to have.

Mechanisms & gamification

Mechanisms & gamification

Engage users in with personalized experiences with onmichannel reach - social media, web, app and beyond physical stores

Integrate contactless experience

Integrate contactless experience

Wallets are getting traction as payment and redemption methods at both online stores as well as B&M stores

Easy Rewards Management

Easy Rewards Management

Rewards hub to manage prizes, benefits and incentives, controlling inventory and distribution for both virtual & physical prizes.

AI powered Decision Intelligence

AI powered Decision Intelligence

AI campaign manager optimizes the budget spend of the promotinoal activity limiting the spend when more or less ROI is needed

ML Personality & Sentiment Analysis

ML Personality & Sentiment Analysis

Understand customers at their core with ML Profiling. A new level of depth to provide better and more fulfilling experiences that convert for loyal consumers

How does it work?

Five easy steps

  • Create your personalized Loyalty program
  • Deploy modules to Web, App, Wallet, Kiosk or Social Media
  • Watch customer enjoy the digital experience
  • Watch your retention rate and sales grow

If you wanted to get this job on done by using an agency, it would cost you at least six figure values. Our pricing is only 20% of that cost, that's 5x times lower! ... and we're 3x times faster to deploy.

Instead of paying a huge agency bill, we're offering this to you for only 1/5th of the cost.

All you need to do is schedule a demo. Click the GET A PRICE button and book a session with one of our experts today. On the call we will dive deep into your specific situation and determine an action plan if we can help you.

If you are interested take action now, we only onboard 10 new projects each month.


1. Will this work if I’m a large international brand?

Absolutely. It doesn’t matter if your brand is big or small, it will benefit from our solution. For large brands specially the more complex and large your brand is the more it requires a structure and a validated framework that digitizes your brand’s value proposition.

2. Do you offer White labelling? 

In short yes, our SAAS & API allows you to have full control of your branding to consumers.

3. Why wouldn’t you just use social media tools instead of having your own digital loyalty program?

Existing tools available on social media platforms rely on paid advertising and are not built for fast moving consumer companies like yours. They will have a generic structure with very low conversion rates and will most probably fail to deliver your brand experience as it’s intended. 

4. How long does it take to launch a loyalty program with your solution? You can build loyalty programs and gamified experiences in minutes, then just plug into your app, web or social media with our API

5. How much does it cost? We offer annual fixed licensing pricing which includes the software, the consulting and the bonus. You can get a price here

6. How do I justify the cost to my boss? 

Our solution includes a pre-launch ROI simulator which will calculate the value of the loyalty program before its launched. This will help you prove to your boss that (a) there is a financial justification, (b) the investment will not spin out of control, and (c) the dashboard analytics will update on three core metrics; customer retention growth, life-time value increase and program overall ROI.

7. Are there any long term contracts? Our contracts are on an annual basis, you can agree to one, two, three or five years in advance. Being three years our most demanded initial contract.

8. Is your solution secure? Yes, we have encrypted layers, SSL and cybersecurity processes in place, you can find our most recent report here