FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will this work if I’m a large international brand?

Absolutely. It doesn’t matter if you're a celebrity, an international brand or a small one-man shop. Whether big or small, you will benefit from our solution.

2. Do you offer White labeling?

In short yes, our SAAS & API allows you to have full control of your branding to consumers.

3. Why wouldn’t you just use social media tools instead of having your own digital microverse?

Existing tools available on social media platforms rely on paid advertising and are not built for flexible and fast-moving cases like yours. Social Media apps have a generic structure with very low conversion rates and will most probably fail to deliver your brand experience as it’s intended (and they keep all the profits).

4. How long does it take to launch a rewards or loyalty program with your solution?

You can build loyalty programs and gamified experiences in minutes, then just plug into your app, web or social media with our API and that's it.

5. How much does it cost?

You name the price! We just ask you to keep it for a full year pricing which includes the software. The attached services such as consulting, bots, delivery and the rewards are billed as you go. You can request a price here

6. How do I justify the cost to my financial person?

Our solution includes a pre-launch ROI simulator which will calculate the value of the loyalty program before its launched. This will help you prove to them that (a) there is a financial justification, (b) the investment will not spin out of control, and (c) the dashboard analytics will update on three core metrics; customer retention growth, life-time value increase and program overall ROI.

7. Are there any long term contracts?

Our contracts are on an annual basis, you can agree to one, two, three or five years in advance. Being three years our most demanded initial contract.

8. Is your solution secure?

Yes, we have Web2 encrypted layers, SSL and cybersecurity processes in place and rely on Solana's audited blockchain for Web3 , you can request our most recent Cybersecurity (tier 3) report at legal@motti.com

9. What are Tokens?

Our Tokens are a type of blockchain utility token. They can be Non-Fungible (NFTs) or Fungible (FanTokens) and can be obtained by earning them as rewards of exchanging them for the Motti crypto-token (MLO), which can be purchased within the app or website after registering. Before using crypto-assets (tokens), consider that their value can potentially go down or up and that they are not yet regulated in many countries meaning you may have to pay taxes on profits made from their sale.

10. How do you make Web3 transition so easy?

We use a special type of wallet that keeps the private keys in an encrypted secure vault. Through a hierarchical framework we generate secure wallets for each client, for every program and every user within in a seamless and easy-to-use manner that keeps the experience transparent.