Cookies Policy

Cookies are small, simple text files downloaded to your computer, tablet, smartphone or other device when you visit our website. Cookies are mainly used to identify you when you return back to our previously visited website to remember your login information and behavior.

How we use use cookies

We use cookies on our website for many purposes. We use them for example to improve our users’ navigation experience, to count how many visitors we received to a page, to protect your data, and to ensure your security and data privacy during your visit on our website.

Types of cookies

a) First party cookies: First-party cookies are stored on a website (domain) a user has visited directly. Publishers use these cookies to collect data for analytics and optimize website functionality. For example, e-commerce sites use first-party cookies to store data about their users’ shopping journey and recognize them as existing customers.First-party cookies are ‘essential’ to perform key website’s features.

b) Third-party cookies: Third-party cookies are placed by other domains and not the ones a user visited directly. This happens when a user visits a website that has a third-party cookie file, for example, in the form of an ad. Third parties use these cookies for tracking, ad serving, and retargeting. Our website does not store third-party cookies.

c) Necessary cookie: People often use the phrase "necessary cookies" to describe cookies that do not require consent under EU law. They include - Cookies to keep a user logged in as they browse a website - Cookies that set user interface preferences - Load-balancing cookies to enable the website to load properly - Cookies to remember the contents of a shopping basket

d) Analytics cookies: These cookies track user behavior and engagement on a website or app for the benefit of the website operator. Analytics cookies do require consent under EU law (whether first or third-party).

e) Advertising cookies: These cookies track user behavior across a website or app (and often across other websites and apps) to deliver personalized ads. They can also collect personal information such as a user's IP address, browser version, advertising ID, etc. Advertising cookies also require consent under EU law. Our website does not contain any advertising cookies.

f) Session cookies: Session cookies, also known as non-persistent cookies, are like a memory of websites. They expire immediately after the session, and web browsers don’t store them. Session cookies enable the publisher’s website to track users’ activity across pages within a given session.

g) Persistent cookies: Persistent cookies, also known as permanent cookies, usually have an expiration date set by the publisher. Users’ devices store them and they remember the information users have set, such as language preference, settings, login details, and more. These cookies are sometimes also called tracking cookies. This is because they track user behavior on the website, such as page time, clicks, and other signals.

h) Secure cookies: Secure cookies will only be present on a website with an HTTPS protocol. This ensures encrypted connection and prevents any data leakage. Most publishers across the web today are utilizing HTTPS protocol to enable secure and safe browsing.

This Cookie Policy is effective as of September 1st 2022